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A 12 string guitar with paired strings produces sparkling chimes that you could not get from a standard 6 string guitar. Yet the extra strings could take a heavy toll on the instrument. In standard tuning, a 6 string acoustic guitar exerts about 160 lbs (710 N) of tension while a 12 string guitar can pull up to 250 lbs (1100 N). Many 12 string guitars on the market are simply installed with additional strings without any other structural adjustments and they are doomed to be unplayable and short-lived. I've also seen quite a lot of 12 string guitars being overly constructed with playability and tonal textures being greatly compromised. With our BAT4CE 12 string guitar, I carefully strike a balance to achieve structural integrity and optimum playability and tonal richness.


Re-Scaled ToneFlow Bracing System

My unfaltering pursuit of optimal balance between structural integrity, playability and tone lands us on our patented ToneFlow bracing system. It provides the right amount of support to the tone boards while allows them to vibrate more freely to generate richer overtones. To accomodate the tension from extra strings, I carefully re-scaled the ToneFlow braces to ensure our BAT4CE12 also sits at the right spot.

Enlarged Bridge

The BAT4CE12 bridge is slightly enlarged to allow even distribution of the extra pulling force onto the top board and the bracing system. 

5-Ply Ebony Reinforced Head-Thru-Heel "One-Piece" Construction Neck

BAT4CE12 neck is a 5-ply neck with 3 pieces of mahagony and 2 pieces of Amara ebony reinforcements in the traditional highend "one-piece" head-thru-heel construction. It's so strong that I can make it slim for effortless playing without any problem. The "one-piece" head-thru-heel construction also allows string energy to transmit more freely.

Semi-Circle Neck Heel 

The neck heel is in semi-circle shape, which not only adds aesthetic beauty to this highend guitar, its extra volume also provides strongger support against the extra string tension.

Balanced Machine Heads

12 individual die-cast machine heads could weigh too much and drive the guitar head-dive. We select 6-in-line tuners with black plated plastic knobs to attain excellent balance. Art engraving and gold plating on the base plate clearly reveal this guitar's prime quality.

Satin Finish

BAT4CE12 in satin finish keeps its total weight at about 2.22 KG (4.89 lbs), which is almost the same as its six-string peer. Satin finish also allow the entire guitar to vibrate more to produce richer harmonies.

With above structural optimizations, our BAT4CE12 unleases the full potential of its solid Sitka spruce top and the extra strings. Its playability and jangly tonal complexity is un-matched among its kind. Adding one to your collection would surely reward you with unforgetable musical enjoyment.

C. C. Tsai

Chief Luthier & President of Bromo Guitars

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