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Compact size, great design for jamming, playing solo or laying down bass tracks in a mix, without sacrificing tone or volume, but offering plenty of comfort and portability. Features a solid spruce top and custom designed nylon-core acoustic bass strings, to deliver thumping bass tones, for both unplugged or using the built-in Fishman electronics. And lightweight gig bag, a truly unique musical tool that can go anywhere.



Enlarged Bridge

The BAT8E/BAT8EFL bridge is slightly enlarged to allow even distribution of the extra pulling force onto the top board and the bracing system.


5-Ply Ebony Reinforced Neck-Thru-Heel "One-Piece" Construction Neck

BAT8E/BAT8EFL neck is a 5-ply neck with 3 pieces of mahagony and 2 pieces of Amara ebony reinforcements in the traditional highend "one-piece" neck-thru-heel construction. The "one-piece" neck-thru-heel construction  includes a fast, comfortable neck so you can keep the rhythm section tight.


Semi-Circle Neck Heel 

The neck heel is in semi-circle shape, which not only adds aesthetic beauty to this highend guitar, its extra volume also provides stronger support against the extra string tension.


BAT8EFL Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar

For bassists who are keen to expand your playing horizons. Bromo fretless basses Essentially have created more freedom to move around the fingerboard. You can smoothly slide in between notes, which is considered as their main advantage over fretted basses and is key to their expressive, distinctive voice.

Satin Finish

BAT8E/BAT8EFL in satin finish keeps its total weight only at about 1.82KG (4.01 lbs), which is Even lighter then a six-string peer. Satin finish also allow the entire guitar to vibrate more to produce richer harmonies.

With above structural optimizations, our BAT8E/BAT8EFL  unleases the full potential of its solid Sitka spruce top and the custom made nylor-core acoustic bass strings. Its playability and jangly tonal complexity is un-matched among it’s kind. Adding one to your collection would surely reward you with unforgetable musical enjoyment.

C. C. Tsai

Chief Luthier & President of Bromo Guitars

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